Last Draft is a brand management and content creation company for artists and entrepreneurs.

We represent narrative integrity. We restore the element of human connection between our clients and their publics through the practice of ethical storytelling.


Stories construct and define the lens through which we see the world. They are the catalysts of technological development, economic progress, social evolution, and positive change.

When we say we practice ethical storytelling, we mean the creation and promotion of narratives that are honest, accurate, and grounded in a practice of mutual respect.

We are all in relationship with one another. It’s why we are relationship-focused in everything we do.

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The Last Draft Publication

At Last Draft Inc., we believe that through the creative and community-building processes of both art and entrepreneurship, we become kinder, more connected beings.

The Last Draft traverses the intersection of art, technology, and business. It is both an information hub and a creative outlet, a virtual space for artists and entrepreneurs to share their work, discuss their creative process, and learn from industry experts.

Stories and content are produced and distributed across a variety of mediums.

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