Your story is your legacy. How do you want to tell it?

Making your mark online can be intimidating, overwhelming, and a general drain on you and your energy.

You need a system that lets you stay in your creative zone longer, and we're here to help.



You’re easy to work with when you’re easy to find

Building your website, selling online, automating scheduling and booking, taking care of your inbox... all the tedious techy stuff? We'll take care of that.

Having an online presence doesn’t mean being online, checking your phone 24/7 – in fact, that's exactly what we’re going to avoid.

Find more time to actually create, by simplifying the back end of your creative practice.


  • Biography writing
  • Website creation + upgrades
  • Setting up online shops
  • Simplifying scheduling and booking
  • Email automation and management
  • Publishing and distribution
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Stories connect us

Be seen, heard, and felt.

As a story company, Last Draft is in the business of helping people tell their stories in creative and authentic ways – and we love to do it.

With experience working in local and national media, we know how to help find the headline in your story, and make sure people take notice.

Express your identity the way you want: with integrity, honesty, and personality. We’ll take care of getting to know your story, writing, editing, and distribution.

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Stories get funding

Welcome to the funding factory.

Last Draft started as a comprehensive editing service that saw the successful acceptance of over 50 medical students to top-choice residency programs across Canada and the United States.

Our team members can also speak to success with several artistic grants in the realm of project ideation and creation.

We continue to bring that expertise to the table while drafting, editing, and finalizing grant proposals for clients in spheres ranging from the arts to tech startups.

Come with your idea and leave with an investable story.

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Telling Stories:

20 writing prompts to spark authentic connection

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