Stories constitute the single most powerful card in a leader’s hand.

In today’s competitive online world, it’s important to be standing up and standing out.

Meet your crowd where they are, with content carefully crafted specifically for your audience.


Step into your authority

By developing and sharing original thought leadership, you can feel confident you are actively connecting to new clientele while continuing to stay top of mind within your existing network.

Books, research articles, interviews, and even blog posts have the ability to make a tremendous impact on your reach. Even more importantly, establishing thought leadership helps develop a strong fabric of trust, loyalty, and alignment between you and your prospects.


Clients of Last Draft Inc.


  • Idea cultivation and creation
  • Directive consultation calls
  • Re-purposing of previous projects
  • Writing
  • Editing
  • Publishing and distribution


Engage with your audience in real-time

A webinar provides a space for you to teach, share your knowledge, establish authority in your zone of genius, and build trust. Using video allows you to form a real connection with your audience in less than an hour.

Whether you choose to go automated or live, we have team members with experience in events of all shapes and sizes.


“We produced something that was insightful, valuable, and of high quality. Given the seniority of many of the people in my network, a webinar was the perfect way to engage them.”

– Bob Bausmith, Founder of Accelerate Innovation


  • Together we will craft your script, build your slide deck, and structure the sale (if applicable).
  • On the back end, we’ll take care of promotion, audience registration, executing an effective sales conversion process, lead tracking, and a nurture sequence for any no-shows. 


All content requires strategy

Aimlessly posting and sharing content without a strategy is a surefire way to distract your audience.

Thoughtfully curated content, set to a strategic schedule and posted with purpose, will ensure your authority is felt and heard, across all necessary platforms.

We’ll take care of everything from daily account monitoring to hashtagging, so you can focus on your zone of genius.


Stories get funding

Welcome to the funding factory.

Last Draft started as a comprehensive editing service that saw the successful acceptance of over 50 medical students to top-choice residency programs across Canada and the United States.

Our team members can also speak to success with several artistic grants in the realm of project ideation and creation.

We continue to bring that expertise to the table while drafting, editing, and finalizing grant proposals for clients in spheres ranging from the arts to tech startups.

Come with your idea and leave with an investable story.