Hillary Watson

May 24th, 2020

Sometimes the paper writes it for me.
Sometimes the music plays itself.
Sometimes my dreams are the way I choose to speak.
Sometimes I listen to myself.

Sometimes my lips paint in colours.
Sometimes the colours paint my lips.
Sometimes my tongue melts the words before I say them,
Moulding and reshaping ’til they fit.

Sometimes I question if you know me.
Sometimes I question if you’re there.
Sometimes my mind screams louder than anything you say.
Sometimes the hush catches me unaware.

Sometimes I question if I’m honest.
Sometimes I question if I’m kind.
Sometimes it all slips through my fingers.
Sometimes I can see when I am blind.

Hillary is a singer-songwriter, illustrator, tattoo artist, and multi-disciplinary creative. She is a classically trained musician and a member of the London-based 3-part harmony folk group, The Pairs.

She is also the illustrator behind Last Draft’s Instagram art at @lastdraftinc, and the organizer of the music video series, Living Room Sessions.

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