What’s in a Story — #7

Renée Watson

May 19th, 2020

What is a story?
A beginning.
A middle.
An end.
Lift the skin, peer closer…
It is castles, villains, lovers, heroes, the journey unfolding.
A story transports the traveller,
Unites the wayward,
Rallies the willing,
Deceives the malleable,
And soothes the heartbroken.
A story is the composition,
The teller, the musician,
And the audience, the instrument.
Miss one of these and the music fails.
Stories belong to all.
It is ours to live, to tell, to hear, to learn from,
And ours to pass to others.
Stories reveal our past,
Interpret our present,
And inform our future.
What is a story?
A beginning.
A middle.
An end.

Renee Watson is a musician, a creator, a mother, and a piano teacher. She has also followed her love of the outdoors and wellness along a path of herbalism. She lives in London Ontario with her three cats, three pianos, and a pantry full of tinctures and homemade remedies.

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