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"Stories are existential. Not just inseparable from the way we communicate and play out our lives, but actually the very basis of our existence."

Jacob Sandler

Founder + CEO

Jacob is a writer, editor, and producer of physical and digital media. He founded Last Draft in early 2018 while working as an Associate for the Silicon Valley-based CEO advisory firm, CEO Quest. His first company, Last Draft Editors (2016-2019), helped more than 50 Canadian doctors obtain residency positions in top choice specialties.

Jacob holds a combined honours BA in English & Canadian Studies from Dalhousie University. He received the University Medal in Canadian Studies for highest academic standing.

“Stories bring people together in the most universal ways and the most minuscule. They are both finite and infinite, reminding us how connected we inevitably are.”

Lena Slanisky

COO + Digital Strategist

Lena is an award-winning director, published fiction writer, and graduate of Dalhousie University’s Creative Writing program. Her time working in both theatre and experiential marketing has honed an adept skill for managing and facilitating distinct and dynamic work that truly connects with audiences. 

As a Senior Editor for Montreal-based media outlet MTL Blog, Lena managed a team of fellow writers and editors, while penning articles that resulted in over 9 million unique page views. As a freelance copywriter, she has managed marketing initiatives that resulted in over $1M in revenue. These days, her energy is put to good use keeping the Last Draft team happy while delivering high-quality work to our clients.

"Stories provide connection. Connection to ourselves, to others, to the earth, even across space and time."

Hillary Watson

Artistic Director

Hillary is a singer-songwriter, illustrator, tattoo artist, and multi-disciplinary creative. She is a classically trained musician and a member of the London-based 3-part harmony folk group, The Pairs.

In her illustration, Hillary incorporates varied mediums, including writing, drawing, collage, watercolour, and photography. She is influenced by her mother, a piano teacher, her father, a surrealist painter and visual artist, and by time spent as crew on anti-whaling vessels patrolling the Southern Ocean. Her love of art and music were fostered early, over kitchen table drawing lessons and through play, song, and dance.

“Stories are meant to be shared and can bring the most unlikely of people together.”

Nicole Daly

Business Manager

Nicole Daly is an administrative expert with years of experience in scheduling coordination and people management within the healthcare space. In her recent leap into remote work, she has leaned into her social media expertise, bringing cohesive oversight and a keen eye for detail to every platform. She has a degree in political science and an honorary masters in memes.

Nicole is a mother of two, and a dog mom to two Golden Retrievers. When she’s not seeking out the solace of sleep, she can be found exploring nature near the Nottawasaga River and propagating Monstera plants.

“Our best stories are the central complications of our lives.”

Angelica Zagorski

Content Specialist

Angelica is a journalist, writer, photographer, and graphic designer. She advocates for human rights and environmental rights through her journalism. You can find Angelica surfing the Great Lakes, or photographing diverse ecosystems across Canada. Angelica founded her first company in 2020, Mind Ur Bees which aims to promote sustainable, accessible, environmentally conscious products like surf wax. A portion of each purchase goes towards the Canadian Bee Research Fund.

Angelica is currently completing a Bachelor of Journalism and Humanities at Carleton University.

“The best stories find us where we are, but don’t leave us there.”

Georgia Bullbrook

Content Specialist

Georgia Bullbrook is a writer and editor from Ottawa, Ontario. She received her BA from the University of Victoria in English Literature and Film Studies, and is currently pursuing her editing certificate from Simon Fraser University.

She currently lives in Victoria, BC where she moved at the tender age of twenty after hearing it was the warmest city in Canada. She’s an outdoor enthusiast, as well as an indoor enthusiast. She’s ecstatic to be working from home, where she does her favourite things: knitting, candle making, and being at home. She plans to one day ride a motorcycle.